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Spark accelerates emerging climate mitigation and adaptation approaches, focusing on new ideas and research that are currently under-addressed and under-resourced, but potentially high-impact.

A science-driven, 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Spark is dedicated to identifying and mitigating sources of unmanaged climate risk. Spark works directly with scientists, policy makers, and peer organizations, and also offers grants to support the growth of fields with the potential to limit warming, manage Earth systems risk, and help to enable our return to a safe climate.

Our Mission

To accelerate progress in emerging, potentially high-impact approaches for climate mitigation and adaptation that will contribute to humanity’s comprehensive portfolio of solutions and responses to enable our return to a safe climate, while minimizing risk to societal stability.

Our Vision

To return the climate system to a stable state that supports flourishing human and natural systems and avoids the most devastating potential risks along the way.

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