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Exploratory Areas

Returning to a safe, stable climate will require advancing our scientific understanding, as well as developing new solutions, responses, and resiliency approaches. We are exploring the potential climate and resiliency impact of emerging areas, and how progress in each area might be accelerated, before investing in full program creation.

Nitrogen Management in Agriculture

Nitrogen is a central part of the global food system, and emissions of the potent greenhouse gas, nitrous oxide are growing at rates even faster than the worse-case assumptions of the recent IPCC 6th Assessment Report.

Spark is currently exploring potential transformational solutions to nitrogen management throughout the food system that would begin to uncouple food production from dependence on nitrogen management practices that lead to high rates of nitrous oxide and carbon dioxide emissions.

Natural System Responses and Tipping Elements

There’s evidence that methane, nitrous oxide, and carbon dioxide emissions from natural systems are already rising as a result of climate change, driving further warming, and will likely be exacerbated further with every fraction of a degree—yet these dynamics are not yet captured in the climate models that we depend on for projecting future scenarios.

Spark is exploring how we can help to advance our understanding of, and ability to respond to, natural system responses like these.

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Open Roles In This Area

We're looking for talented, strategic, climate-motivated, and scientifically-driven colleagues to join our team at Spark, across a number of areas, including the following roles related to new exploration areas:

Lead, Transformational Agriculture

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